Rekindling, The Bonnie Bronson Fellows Exhibit, Hoffman Gallery, L&C College, 2011

Included in the Bonnie Bronson Fellows: 20 Years are several works that evolved from fourteen commissions. From a stack of old exhibition announcements belonging to Joan and John Shipley, Curtis created a sculpture in which uniform squares cut from the show cards are sandwiched between Plexiglas blocks—an X-acto knife is part of the sculpture, so that the collectors can add to the work as they amass more cards. From a collection of heirloom lace owned by Sarah Meigs, inherited from her mother, came a striking photograph of the artist completely swaddled and enveloped by bands of filigree. Of the drywall, Curtis' ultimate artistic gesture was to document and discard the material—the collector, Kyle Raquipiso, is a recent art school graduate leading a fairly itinerate lifestyle, so Curtis determined that the intrinsic quality of the drywall—its extreme heaviness—should be alleviated from the owner's life.